MaiStoryBook: How to Get Your Child to Fall in Love with The World of Reading

With my passions for art-making, working with children, and teaching, it’s only natural that I find children’s illustrated books to be the Best kinda books out there- I mean, a thrilling story AND pictures?? Reading doesn’t get much better than that. As a child, (honestly, as an adult now too), I was always drawn to the imaginative illustrations illuminating the storybook pages. I soaked up the clever details, delighting in whenever I discovered a new piece to the picture I never noticed before. With illustrations, I could *read* the storybook without even knowing how to read~~ words were the sidekick, the understudies ready to jump in only after my eyes and imagination had exhausted the pictures and were willing to settle for the written version. Every child deserves to soak in this world of wonder of children’s books~~ of imagined universes and captivating adventure.

But a love for reading doesn’t come naturally; reading is an accrued skill. So how to get your child to fall in love with the world of reading?

**Join me on a journey to a lifetime of reading for you and your little ones ***

I am excited to announce the launch of this new blog series: MaiStoryBook! 


The goal of MaiStoryBook is to spotlight children’s illustrated books, as well as provide resources for parents, families, and teachers to inspire in children a love for books and a curiosity for the world of reading- all through a series of MaiStoryBook collections.

 So you want your child to love to read?

The way to get children reading is to get them excited about books. Children need to develop the *want-to* muscle of reading, not just the *how-to.* The best thing to do: start them young. Read Aloud. Reading to children is not only a great source of bonding, its also a chance to teach and expose children to new vocabulary, and to use the themes in the stories to discuss real life scenarios or questions of right and wrong with them. Most importantly, reading to children encourages them to develop their own creative thinking skills and imagination.

 Head over to the About Maistorybook page for everything MaiStoryBook has to offer to welcome your child into the world of reading!

*~Until next time, Happy Reading, Friends~*

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