About MaiStoryBook


The goal of MaiStoryBook is to spotlight children’s illustrated books, as well as provide resources for parents, families, and teachers to inspire in children a love for books and a curiosity for the world of reading- all through a series of MaiStoryBook collections.

 So you want your child to love to read?

The way to get children reading is to get them excited about books. Children need to develop the *want-to* muscle of reading, not just the *how-to.* The best thing to do: start them young. Read Aloud. Reading to children is not only a great source of bonding, its also a chance to teach and expose children to new vocabulary, and to use the themes in the stories to discuss real life scenarios or questions of right and wrong with them. Most importantly, reading to children encourages them to develop their own creative thinking skills and imagination. So how should you read to your children? Using a shared-reading approach.

What is shared-reading?

Shared-reading is an interactive reading experience that occurs when children  join in or share the reading of a book or other text while guided and supported by an adult or other experienced reader. The experienced reader explicitly models the skills of proficient readers, including reading with fluency and expression, and engages the child in dialogue throughout the book.

How MaiStoryBook can help

Every Friday I will be posting a new book in the MaiStoryBook Library Collection. Each book post provides:

An in-depth focus on the featured book including:

  • A brief synopsis and review of the book/ illustrations
  • A vocabulary list of 5 words from the book + easy-to-learn definitions for children
  • 2 major themes from the story to highlight and discuss
  • A YouTube video Guided Shared-Reading Read Aloud
    • Featuring an example of an active, shared-reading read aloud of the featured book, including: how to subtly include vocabulary from the vocabulary list and ask guided questions throughout — a strategy to increase the child’s engagement + comprehension, and provide a conversational vocabulary extension
    • While in-person reading aloud is recommended to encourage conversation throughout the book, video read aloud can also be played for the child if an adult is unavailable
  • And the Fun Part: an original craft/activity inpsired by the story

Through MaiStoryBook Library Collection, children get a hands-on creative way to engage with the book and the story after the book is “done.”  Crafts and activities extend the story beyond the book. Children learn that “reading” doesn’t just end with the closing of the cover, but that the ideas, characters, and imagination can continue beyond the pages. The stories can be taken with them in their actions and imaginations.

Reading opens up boundaries beyond the pages. *Teach a child this, and reading won’t be a one-time stationery chore, but a gateway into realms of infinite possibilities.*

Additional MaiStoryBook Collections

Throughout this series MaiStoryBook will also provide the following collections:

  •  Local Finds and Book Hauls
    •  The best discoveries can be made right at your local public library I’ll be sharing some great finds with you that you can look out for at your own local library or bookstore. Also, I’ll be highlighting some cost-effective ways to build you own library~ sharing quality and cheap book hauls through videos and posts!
  •  Illustrations Spotlight
    •  As an artist, naturally I’m drawn to the brilliant illustrations of books. This collection will focus on recommendations of books with illustrations that will catch your child’s eye and charm their imagination
  •  All About Reading
    • All you need to know about why reading aloud and reading is the best thing to do for children.
  • Monthly Themed Book Collection
    • A Recommended Reading List of books related to the theme of the month
  • Independent/Self-Published Features
    • Highlighting up and coming illustrators and authors from independent publishing houses and self-publishers

*~Join me on this journey to spread the love of books, and instill in your own child the love of reading.~*

MaiStoryBook Library Collection Postings and Videos will be every Friday