MaiStoryBook Library: Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me + *Ladder to the Moon* Craft

Introducing a Father’s Day themed read aloud~ featured in MaiStoryBook Library Collection:

“Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me” by Eric Carle

*You may remember this book from the *Children’s Illustrations Spotlight* blog post~ But, it is such a beautiful book and story that I had to feature it again as an interactive read aloud + it’s a perfect Father’s Day tale! Enjoy~*

Book Synopsis and Review

There once was a Papa who loved his little girl so much~ that he would do anything in the world for her! So when she asks, *Papa, please get the moon for me* ~ Get the moon he shall! If the moon is what she dreams of, the moon is what she’ll get- he’s not afraid to climb the skies! Papa finds the loooooongest ladder he can, and begins the trek up to the moon. But, what happens when the bright, full moon is too BIG for Papa to carry down? Well, with the wink of an eye and a radiant smile, Moon and Papa come up with a plan to make Monica’s dreams come true. Little one’s will be joyfully surprised to discover just how their plan unfolds! But through it all, it’s Papa’s love that shines the brightest throughout both night and day.

This is one of the most beautifully illustrated books~ hence the feature in the *Illustrations Spotlight* blog section previously. But not only is it a delightfully sweet tale, it’s also an educational read~ perfect for a book study and read aloud on phases of the moon~ for when Papa reaches the BIG moon, Moon tells him to wait until she is smaller, a mere sliver, and then she will be small enough to play with his daughter. And thus begins the progression of the full moon into its crescent form. This is the perfect book to introduce, or reinforce, to little ones the idea of the moon cycle and phases of the moon. *Do you notice that the moon changes and looks different every night? Does it seem to shrink and grow?* Indulge in the magical mysteries of the moon with your little one this Father’s Day weekend!

Vocabulary List

  • Near (p. 1) very close by
  • Reach (p. 2) stretch out your arm to grab something
  • Indeed (p. 13) yes, it really was
  • Sliver (p. 20) a small, super skinny, narrow piece of something 
  • Reappear (p. 20) you can see it again

Themes/Main Ideas

  • Moon Cycle: Explore the different phases of the moon. The moon grows and shrinks~ have you noticed? What does it look like? Keep a *Moon Journal*
  • You’d do anything for the ones you love~ when you love someone, you try to do anything you can to make them happy

YouTube Video: Guided Shared-Reading Read Aloud Example

Example of a shared-reading, interactive Read Aloud of “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me” – how to subtly introduce the vocabulary list words within the text, ask guided questions, and spark conversation!

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*Ladder to the Moon* Craft

If you could have *anything * in the universe, what would you ask for??? This just might be one of the toughest questions to answer~ when given unlimited options, it’s always hard to choose what’s just right. Would you ask for the moon, like Monica? Or maybe for your own  *shiny star* ~ like the boy in *How to Catch a Star*? Or perhaps you’d ask for your very own planet to explore ? Or maybe for something here on Earth? Maybe for something intangible~ for love, happiness, contentment, confidence…* Well, in this week’s story, there is a brave, loving Papa who would do everything to give his daughter anything in the universe. So when she asks for the moon, it’s time to get out the very most longest ladder in the world! For this week’s craft, prepare to climb your own ladder to the heavens and reach for that brilliant moon! What could be more exciting than a playdate with the moon???


  • 1 sheet blue construction paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Cup for water
  • Plate for paint
  • Paper Towel
  • Various Blue paints and white paint
  • Piece of white paper
  • Glue
  • Printed Photo of *you* reaching up to the right for the moon
  • 8 popsicle craft sticks
  • Scissors


  • Squeeze out your various blue paints and white paint. Use the different color paints to cover the blue construction paper with streaks/stripes of different blues and light blues.
  • Use the white paint to make different shades of blue. Use short brush strokes to create the same painting style as Eric Carle. The blue is for the sky.

  • Cut out a medium circle shape of white paper for the moon. Glue it to the top right corner of the paper.

  • Take 2 popsicle sticks and glue them vertically on the left side of the paper, starting from the bottom. Glue the next 2 not top of the first ones.
  • Glue the remaining 4 popsicle sticks horizontally to create the steps of the ladder.

  • Cut out a photo of you reaching up to the moon. Glue yourself to the top of the ladder so that you look like you are stretching to grab the moon! *my example has a paper doll instead of a real photo/ feel free to make a paper doll version of yourself with craft paper as well*

Enjoy your *Ladder to the Moon* Craft

  • Use the artwork to help you retelling the story to a family member or friend. Ask them, if they could ask for anything in the world, what would they want?
  • Bring the artwork and book with you to share about what you learned about how the moon changes. Can you grab the moon when it is big and full like in your art work?
  • Have the artwork as your reading buddy as you reread the story and pay close attention to how you notice the moon changes throughout the story.
  • Reread the story with your own Papa, or favorite adult, and spend an afternoon of snuggles, love, and reading together

*~Overall, have fun creating and acting with your  *Ladder to the Moon* Craft,  and I hope you and your little ones have a lovely time reaching for your dreams!  – tag me on Instagram @MaiStoryBookLibrary  – or post on FaceBook to share your photos of your own *Ladder to the Moon* Crafts, and your own reading adventures! I’d love to hear from you!~*

*Check Back on Next Friday for our New Reading Adventure*

*~Until next time, Happy Reading~*

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