MaiStoryBook Library: The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse + *Leaping Duck-Mouse Puppet* Craft

Introducing a read aloud full of the hilariously-unexpected, featured in this week’s MaiStoryBook Library Collection:

“The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse” byMac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Book Synopsis and Review

One day there was a mouse~ who was *gobbled* up by a wolf. The end…Or so you’d think! Mouse ends up in wolf’s belly, and *woe*, he thinks his life has ended when really~ a whole new life has just begun! Because as he will learn, with the help of Duck *yes, there is also a duck in Wolf’s belly*, living in a wolf’s belly just might be the best way to live. Whatever Wolf eats, Duck and Mouse get to eat, whatever Wolf drinks, Duck and Mouse get to drink, and ~*best for last* t~here’s no need to worry about being *eaten* by a predator when~~ they have already been eaten! But, when Wolf himself becomes prey to a hunter, is it doomsday for Wold, Duck, and Mouse?? After all, it’s not just Wolf’s life on the line anymore~ he’s got some buddies in his belly! We’ll see just what Duck and Mouse are willing to do to defend their home and happy life.

This week’s featured storybook is a creatively clever animal read aloud with twists and turns that will keep you curious and questioning the whole way through! A popular saying is *home is where your heart is*~ meaning home is where you feel safe and loved, and where you love to be. In this story, our characters Duck and Mouse come up with an interesting new idea of home~ and hint it’s got something to do with wolf! Through this story of the unexpected, little ones will learn bout standing up for themselves, their friends, their home~ all the people and places they care about. Remember: you are always stronger together.

Vocabulary List

  • Gobbled (p. 3) eat something really fast
  • Woe (p. 6) sadness and worry
  • Intention (p. 9) a plan
  • Ruckus (p. 17) loud noise
  • Remedy (p. 18) medicine or cure for sickness

Themes/Main ideas

  • Cooperation and Teamwork: Everyone benefits when you work together and help each other
  • Always make the best out of every situation: There’s always a bright side to even the worst of situations

YouTube Video: Guided Shared-Reading Read Aloud Example

Example of a shared-reading, interactive Read Aloud of “The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse” – how to subtly introduce the vocabulary list words within the text, ask guided questions, and spark conversation!

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 *Leaping Duck-Mouse Puppet* Craft

Where is the most interesting place you’ve stayed or lived?? When my sister and I were younger, we were terrified of the dark~ which means, we refused to sleep in our own rooms. However, since we weren’t quite welcome in our parents’ bed either, we compromised with the next best thing closest to mom~~ The Closet. Yup, we made a makeshift room in our parent’s mini walk-in closet. Blankets lined the floors, our toys peeked out from underneath the pant legs and floor length dresses. We were surrounded by the familiar scent of our parents clothes~ mind you, they did cast some *not too cozy* shadows on the walls in the middle of the night. But knowing our parents were right outside the door gave us comfort. My life in the closet *by choice* may have been my favorite place to stay. For Duck and Mouse, the *inside* of wolf’s belly is their shroud of safety~ their home where they love to be. And when that home is threatened, they will bravely stand up to protect it. This week, spend the afternoon with  Wolf, Duck, and Mouse, as they work together to protect themselves and each other, through the *Leaping Duck-Mouse Puppet* Craft.



  • Use the scissors to cut out the wolf and the Duck/Mouse.
  • Glue the Duck/Mouse to right end of the 12″ x 1.5″ card stock strip

  • Tape the bottom and top of the 3″x 2″ square to the back of the Wolf near the back-middle of the head. The left and right side should be open so that the card stock strip can slide in and out of it.

  • Slide the card stock strip with the Duck/Mouse on the end through the card holder on the back so that the Duck/Mouse *leap* out of the wolf mouth when the strip is slid forward.

Enjoy your *Leaping Duck/Mouse Puppet* Craft

  • Use the strip to help Duck and Mouse leap out of Wolf’s mouth to scare off the hunter!
  • Use the puppet craft as a reading buddy, and reread the story and act out the part where Duck and Mouse leap out to save Wolf from the hunter
  • Share your Leaping Puppet Craft with friends and family and use it to help retell the story
  • Let the craft serve as a reminder to be brave and have the courage to stand up for yourself, your friends, and your home

*~Overall, have fun creating your own *Leaping Duck/Mouse Puppet* Craft,  and I hope you and your little ones remember to be brave and protect the people and places you love!  – tag me on Instagram @MaiStoryBookLibrary  – or post on FaceBook to share your photos of your own *Leaping Duck/Mouse Puppet* Crafts and your own reading adventures! I’d love to hear from you!~*

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*~Until next time, Happy Reading~*

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