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This week’s  *lovely* featured books:

Grow Love by Kimberly Wyman

Published by MiKaa Creative: Self-published. There is always a project going on!

This Valentine’s Day *Grow Love* by sharing your love with others and by ~giving it away~Because, as our arctic friends in this *lovely* story remind us, love is *Magical*~ when you give it away, it doesn’t deplete ~ instead, it multiples and grows stronger, spreading its wings and making its way back to you day after day.  Join these adorable winter critters in *Grow Love*, as they discover and share how love comes in all shapes and sizes~it is found across all languages and across all continents and seas ~ love embraces differences and similarities.  In this snowy wonderland, explore the limitless expanse of love as you frolic with the narwhals, romp with the reindeer, and prance playfully with the penguins. It’s the greatest *love affair.*

This book is sure to capture your hearts, with its cool wintery color landscape, and delightful depiction of arctic animals. Plus, the book is scattered with interactive pockets to help you *grow* your own love ~ from recipes for delicious shortbread cookies you could bake for a loved one, to a DIY list at the back of the book, of activities to plant the seeds of *love.* The book also includes an educational aspect, encouraging little ones to research arctic animals and explore the arctic tundra biome. A definite must-have for your own home library for any day of the year~ all days of the year are days for love!

A bit more about the Author: Kimberly Wyman

Kimberly Wyman is the founder of ADOPT MORE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects global families through international adoption with their birth cultures. Kimberly is passionate about helping families raise healthy and happy global citizens. She loves her family, adoption, thoughtful designs, open spaces, creating almost anything, and homemade whipped cream. She is the author of  “You are my baby. I am your mommy,” and her new release “Grow LOVE.” As an indie author/illustrator of picture books, she aims to string words and pictures together for families built by love, not necessarily biology. To learn more, check out Kimberly on her website,, and on Instagram: @xokimberlywyman.

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Keeping Sheep by Matthew Martin

Published by finicky studios: A multi-media publishing company founded by siblings Matthew Martin and Amy (Martin) Lawler

Settle down to enjoy this clever, colorful tale of unconditional love, as you join a sheep on his journey through the fields to discover the meaning of truly being loved. To love someone truly, means to love them even when they make mistakes. After all, we all make mistakes~ but from mistakes we grow wiser and more understanding. In this tale of *love,* even after doubting his friend the shepherd, the sheep finds that the shepherd would still do anything to protect him ~ for he loves him unconditionally, and that is the strongest love of all. Although this story does allude to Psalm 23 from the Bible, the text and illustrations themselves make no reference to religious aspects, making this a universal story of understanding, patience, acceptance, and love.

The rhyming, lilting cadence of the text, paired with the bold, colorful, and unique illustrations create a thrilling and attention-grabbing read aloud adventure. Your little one’s eyes will immediately be drawn to the bright art on the pages, and their ears will perk upon hearing the rhythm of the story and its bouncy rhyme scheme. Plus, this universal theme of unconditional love serves to reassure little ones that it’s okay to make mistakes ~ they are still deserving of love and will always be loved by you. Remind them that they are your little sheep, and you will always be their shepherd~ to love and protect them, and to help lead the way.

A bit more about the Author: Matthew Martin

Matthew is the co-founder and Creative Director of Finicky Studios. He founded the company with his younger sister Amy, who is the Print Designer. Writing and rhyming have always come naturally to Matthew, and once he learned how to draw and animate, his talents progressed into his passion for writing, illustrating, and creating.  Matthew also has a talent for Tetris, and plays Tetris as a creative break. Some of his idols: Dr. Seuss, Walt Disney, Tim Burton, Shel Silverstein, just to name a few. To learn more bout Matthew check out his site: www., and find him on Instagram: @finickystudios.

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