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This week’s  featured books of traveling, adventure, and exploration:

iGoStories: Mai’s Adventures in London by Becky Earnest, Illustrated by Isabella Koelman

Published by iGoStories: self-published personalized adventure stories printed by Pureprint Group~ sustainability leaders in print.

Prepare for one of the ultimate *interactive* book experiences ~ where *you* get to help create the book yourself! Take a close look at the title of this book ~ *Mai’s* London Adventure ~ and now close your eyes, and imagine your little one’s very own name right there on the cover ~ *Your Personalized* London Adventure! Ever wanted to be the star of a story? Well, with this innovative new personalized book experience, you can be! Before we delve into the captivating custom creation process ~ a quick travel guide on just what adventure you will be going on throughout this story. Prepare to travel from your very own hometown, to *London* where you’ll meet the lovely Cordelia who will treat you to the most exquisite afternoon tea. Then be whisked away to see the sights ~ and don’t forget the time portal that will transport you straight to Ancient Egypt on Cleoptra’s flying carpet… Hooked yet? On this storybook trip, based all on genuine history and London legend,  prepare to be swept away on a whimsical, rhyming, awe-inspiring adventure. With the gorgeous, full-spread illustrations, and the personalized details, you’ll have no trouble delving straight into the story and envisioning the adventures right in front of your eyes!

Now, a bit about the personalization process~ The book opens with a dedication page, featuring a personalized travel ticket with a message for the gift recipient. These books are meant to be a *gift of adventure,* and a sweet message is the perfect start to any expedition. Most personalized books simply insert your name into a generic story, but with this custom creation ~ details are weaved and interspersed throughout the book~ from my hometown being etched into the airport station as I take off on my flight (btw, you get to choose to travel by train or plane! Overseas travel to London for me! ), my zodiac sign is etched into the stars, and I even got to design my cute little characters outfit, hairstyle, skin tone, and eye color.  With a super easy site and process to navigate, this personalized book would make the perfect gift for inspiring a new young reader to fall in love with the world of reading, or for indulging the avid reader’s passion for envisioning themselves right in the midst of the book adventure!

A bit more about the Author: Becky Earnest

Becky Earnest is a self-published author of  fun, based-on-true-stories adventure books. Becky is an avid traveler and modifies and morphs her own adventures into something magical for munchkins. She is the author and source of stories for the iGoStories team. She is also a dog-lover and loves short holidays. Learn more about iGoStories and their creative processes at,  and follow them on Instagram: @igostories.

Check here to order your own personalized book for your own home library!


Journey to Constellation Station by Lindsay C. Barry, Illustrated by Jamin Hoyle

Published by Thumbkin Prints: an imprint of Possibilities Publishing Company focusing on books for readers 0-13years old. Possibilities Publishing Company is a small, independent publishing house seeking to discover new voices or familiar voices trying new things.

Gaze up at the nighttime sky to see an endless expanse of twinkling stars, swirls of light, and the glowing moon~ how can one not be curious about the skies and heavens above? Ever wish you could soar through outer space and witness the night sky and its celestial bodies in all their vibrant glory? Well~ now you and your little one can embark on an interstellar adventure~ hop on aboard the train to Constellation Station!  On your way, bathe in a meteor shower, hold your breath as you pass through the Dark Hole Tunnel, and sway to the rhythm of the pulsing starlight twinkling right outside your train car window. And once you arrive at Constellation Station, meet the beasts and beings that inhabit the night sky through their star patterns in the sky. After this *Journey to Constellation Station*, your head will be up *beyond* the clouds as you settle into a dreamland of wonders of the nighttime universe.

This delightful, rhythmic story of an interstellar train ride combines science education with literature and adventure in a way bound to inspire children to gaze at the stars and wonder about outer space. The bold, detailed images of the constellations highlight the magnificence of the stars, and show off their beauty. Plus, the simple, rhythmic flow of the text makes both the educational content and sense of adventure accessible to kids ~ plus the rhyming words make for a fun-for-your-tongue read aloud! Sure to spark questions and curiosity, this book is perfect for launching an investigation into the stars and outer space~ making it a must-have book for both home and classroom libraries.

A bit more about the Author: Lindsay C. Barry

Lindsay C. Barry grew up in Pennsylvania. She developed her love of reading and writing at a very young age. Lindsay lives with her husband and two boys, two cats, and two guppies. After working some time in advertising and at an executive search firm, Lindsay now considers herself a Mom-Trepreneur and an expert good night story reader. Her sons’ love of trains and outer space and her love of getting them to go to sleep inspired her first children’s book, Journey to Constellation Station. To learn more, check out her site:, and follow her on Instagram: @lbarrybooks.

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