Independent and Self-Published Features: Featuring Sigrid Rodli and Dontavious Pittman

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This week’s featured books of courage and creativity:

Coral and the MONSTER by Sigrid Rodli

Published by blurb: Self-publishing and marketing platform. Helps  design, publish, promote, and sell professional-quality printed books and ebooks

Welcome to this adorable little fantasy forest~ where you picnic with foxes and have tea and cake with *monsters.* In this frolicking tale of friendship, meet Coral and her best friend Kitty the cat. They did *everything* together. Until one day, Kitty was missing~ and in her place were… Monster Footprints! Join Brave little Coral as she packs up her knapsack with all of the essentials~ sandwiches and sweets, of course~ and ventures into the forest to save her favorite friend. Beautifully drawn woodland creatures join Coral on her journey, warning her to stay away from the land beyond the blue pond… the dark stormy forest where the *monster* lives. But Coral will do anything and go anywhere to find her best friend~ wouldn’t you?? *Plus, who says monsters have to be scary??


This delightful story will charm readers with its simple, sweet storyline and colorful cast of characters. Artist Sigrid Rodli has a whimsical style~ creating illustrations full of patterns and swirls ~ drawing the reader into an enchanted forest. See the girl’s dress glisten with sparkles, and every bristle of the fox’s fur as it glides along side his new companion. Sigrid Rodli has weaved together a tale of friendship~ you can always count on true friends to be by your side. When your friends have your back, monsters are no longer scary and even the grimmest of meetings can end in an afternoon tea party.


A bit more about the Author: Sigrid Rodli

Sigrid Rodli is an artist and illustrator from Norway. She was commissioned to create this book for a little girl she knew. Due to popular interest in the book, she has now made it available  for purchase so that everyone may enjoy the sweet tale. She enjoys coloring, painting, sewing, and running. Check out more of her gorgeous artwork and learn more about her by following Sigrid on Instagram: @sigridrodli. 

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I Didn’t Ask to be Creative by Dontavious Pittman, Illustrated by Max Rambaldi

Published by Cardboard Clouds LLC: Self-published

When you have children~ it’s like you get to experience the whole world for the very first time all over again. Holidays become the most exciting days on the planet, and *birthdays* might as well be holidays. Festivities go overboard and you once again feel that rush of excited anticipation, to a whole new extent, as the countdown to that special day draws nearer. *Anything to see that smile on that face*~ Every new sound is the best thing they’ve ever heard, and every new sight is a miracle in their eyes. You can’t help but to see the world through their lens of awe and fascination. Children~ the best reminders of the wonders of life, and the best inspiration for letting down your guard and setting your imagination loose, wild, and free to dream up the grandest dreams of all they *and you* can be! In this beautiful story *I Didn’t Ask to be Creative* young Kyle is just that for his mom, her inspiration to explore her own creativity and love for art~ Kyle’s rampant creativity and love for the innovative and imaginative spark his mom’s dreams alive~ so that both of them, together, can embrace the world with all it has to offer, and share all they have to offer in return!


This heart-warming tale is sure to inspire creativity in all its readers, as well as spark the bond between parent and child, as both are reminded of the life they share and build together. In this family-centered story, witness the relationship between mother and son grow stronger with every turn of the page as the boundaries that divide child and adult are blurred. We are all dreamers and creators, and creativity feeds off creativity. Children can be just as much an inspiration to adults, as they are to them. Plus, the full-spread illustrations cover the pages in vibrant color, drawing you into Kyle’s own dream world and into this tale of love, imagination, and family.

A bit more about the Author: Dontavious Pittman

Dontavious Pittman AKA “Annoying Dreamer”, was born in Tampa, FL. He has always been passionate about creating things. His love for mathematics and problem solving skills lead to a path of design. Dontavious studied Architecture at both Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and Florida International University. Published in 2017, “I Didn’t Ask To Be Creative” is his first book. Dontavious plans for it to be the first of many stories depicting family relationships in society today. To learn more, check out his site:, and follow his book on Instagram: @cardboardclouds.

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