Illustrations Spotlight: Miracle on 133rd Street, Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

In honor of the First Day of Winter~ Featuring this vibrant, holiday children’s book in the  Illustrations Spotlight Collection:

Miracle on 133rd Street by Sonia Manzano, Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

You may recognize this book from being featured in this week’s Local Library Finds Holiday Edition post~ and while I try not to recycle books, and instead bring new content and share a variety of treasures, flipping through this gorgeous tale, my eyes soaked in the bright, bold colors, and the exuberant style~ I just had to photograph almost every breath-taking page!

I couldn’t help but want to share these illustrations with all of you~ and I couldn’t keep from imagining my own future little one flipping through the colorful pages, eyes lighting up with wonder and excitement over the clashing colors and holiday cheer. One tradition I want to create is  *Christmas Eve Story time* Each Christmas Eve night, our little one(s) will get to open one special gift ~ a new children’s book! The night will end with *reading*~ with a sweet family story time ~ cuddled under Christmas blankets by the fireplace or already tucked in cozy in bed, with our holiday pjs on and cheeks blushing with excitement for tomorrow morning. We will read the new book, spending this special night huddled together, sharing a storybook to add to our own growing *home library collection.* This is definitely an *illustrations favorite* that will be making its way on our bookshelves! Check it out below for a sneak peak to whet your own appetite for a visual holiday feast!

About the Illustrator: I just discovered Marjorie A. Priceman this weekend through this book, and she is already one of my favorites! What treasures we can find at the library! I am definitely going to be looking up her many other books~ and you should too!

Born in 1958,Marjorie A. Priceman is an American illustrator of over 30 acclaimed children’s books. She lives in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. Her style is unique for its energetic and whimsical vibes. Swirling colors leap off the page, creating rollicking romps of joy and vibrance. While she often collaborates with other children’s book authors, matching their text with her colorful illustrations, she also writes and illustrates her own books.

She has received Caldecott Honors for her illustrations in Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! by Lloyd Moss, and Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the Frist Hot-Air Balloon Ride, which she also wrote herself. Overall, her illustrations are playful, clever, and full of rainbows of color, adding new dimensions and elements to each story they help to tell.

*~In this featured book, Miracle on 133rd Street, Christmas Eve got just a bit more magical~*

One of my favorite pages is this vertical spread. I love the creator’s decision to make use of the length of the page, emphasizing the height of the building, and turning the book so that the bustling complex could fill the entire page with a shock of bright red. A cast of colorful characters peek through the windows, and patterned draperies line the windowsills, bringing a burst of liveliness to a snowy, winter day.

I also adore the full page spreads on each page~ every inch and corner of the page is filled in with artwork, creating a scene that envelops there reader into the storybook world. Notice on this spread the thin tendrils of swirling wind, and the myriads of rainbow buildings. I can close my eyes and just imagine taking a winter stroll along this urban street side~ with the little puff ball snowflakes hitting my cheeks, and small children running by, giggling mischievously as they chuck snowballs at each other.

Marjorie A. Priceman’s style makes magic on the pages! Check out the swirls in the sky, a milky way of stars with waves of violet and sapphire. The people practically prance through the air, while the moon hangs low above them, a sideways crescent, lighting up the sky with a burst of white, glittering light. I could continue on and on about each and every page~ but I’ll save some of the magic for you to discover for yourself! Check out a couple more sneak peeks below with these two fun pages:

Hopefully, you are as convinced as I am that Marjorie Priceman is an illustrator to look out for! For a copy of this beautiful book: Check your local bookstore or ask your local librarian to help you find a copy. Some other fabulous finds of hers to keep an eye out for: Emeline at the Circus, Friend or Frog, and Princess Picky. If you check out these books, or find any other gems, please comment and share on your own adventures into Marjorie Priceman’s world of colorful wonder!

*In the meantime, checkout out a read aloud of one of my current holiday favorites here. *

*~Until next time, Happy Reading~*

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