Independent & Self-Published Feature: Featuring Authors Michelle Hackney and Baruch Inbar, & Illustrator Mia Ortiz

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This week’s featured books:

Mama’s Leche by Michelle Hackney                                                           Illustrated by Mia Ortiz

Published by Hohm Press: Providing books that present readers with alternatives to the materialistic values of the current culture, and promote self-awareness, the recognition of interdependence, and compassion.

A celebration of breast feeding, this precious, bilingual book illustrates the tender mother-infant bond that is naturally established through nursing. Told uniquely from the infant’s perspective, the sweet, simple text evokes the essence of love between the bond of a young baby and their mother. The soft pastel illustrations, bordered by playful patterns of colors and textile, elicit feelings of nurturance, protection and comfort.

This book is part of a distinguished collection from Hohm Press that promotes breastfeeding. An important issue regarding family health and the wellbeing of infants and children, breastfeeding is presented as one of the most precious gifts a mother could bestow upon her child. Breast milk alone can supply infants with disease-protective and nurturing substances. A short, warmly illustrated, and creatively written story, this book makes the perfect gift for parents to be, doctors, nurses, and childcare and childbirth educators.

*~Additionally, for those of you in SoCal, author Michelle Hackney will be at Barnes and Nobles in Mira Mesa promoting her book and its platform! Check out the location here~*

A bit more about the Author: Meet Michelle Hackney

Michelle Hackney is a mother currently full-time homeschooling her five young children. Currently living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, she is a strong advocate for children’s rights, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting. Hackney believes developing connections of trust, respect, and mindfulness with children will help parents raise secure and happy children. To learn more, find her on Instagram @mamasleche.

A bit more about the Illustrator: Meet Mia Ortiz

Mia Ortiz is a public school art teacher and illustrator. Currently living in El Paso, Texas with her two sons and husband, Ortiz offers private art lessons for people with special needs. She believes in using art as a tool to build self-confidence in children, and as an outlet for children to express their emotions and passions. To learn more, follow her on Instagram @mammamiao.

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Snurtle by Baruch Inbar

Published by Segr Publishing, LLC: A unique company founded by authors, for authors whose books do not belong in a one-size-fits-all publishing mold.

With a mama snail and a daddy turtle, Snurtle is blessed with a family full of love. But when the other families of snails and snails, and turtles and turtles, aren’t accepting of Snurtle’s mixed family, they are forced to leave in search of  a new home. Thus begins an epic journey of finding acceptance, embracing diversity, and celebrating uniqueness.  In this beautifully written book, Inbar weaves a story perfect to begin a conversation with children about mixed families, different races, and the importance of acceptance and the power of love.

The colorful and bright illustrations leap off the page in this sweet tale! Children will delight in the details of the hybrid animals, gleefully pointing out the two different animal features they can spot in the mixed creatures. A rainbow of colors, the pictures portray the more serious content of this story in an appealing and captivating way for children, drawing them in, provoking inquiry, and sparking curious conversations.

A bit more about the Author and Illustrator: Meet Baruch Inbar

Baruch Inbar lives in Mount Shasta, CA, with his wife and four dogs. His experiences as a foster child raised in Israel inspired him to create this book. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization, Bless the Children, that empowers foster kids to pursue their goals and chase their dreams, as well as teaches them about holistic and healthy living. A portions of all of the proceeds from “Snurtle” goes to support this organization. To support this mission:

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