Local Library Book Sale Book Haul: Pirates, Mummies, and 1,000 tortoises

*~Thank you for all the MaiStoryBook love, and 100 subscribers on MaiStoryBook Youtube Channel! To thank you all~ here is a book haul with 10 spectacular titles to check out! More books = more *Happy Reading*!~*

Diving into my local library book sale, I’ll never know what I find~ This week: pirates, mummies, 1,000 tortoises, writing worms, and kissing kangaroos. Curiosity peaked? Check out the titles below!

Every first Sunday of the month, my favorite local library bookstore *shout out to San Clemente City Library* holds an outdoor book sale, taking out books that were saved in their backroom specifically for this monthly event~i.e. books too good to be displayed in the ordinary library bookstore. What this means: treasures and fantastic finds *galore.*

One of my favorite days of the month, I look forward to this monthly outing to San Clemente, a quaint, dreamy town by the sea, a few cities north of home. The book sale coincides with the city’s weekly farmers market, thus making for the perfect combo of first browsing through piles of books, and then sampling and sifting through fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic snacks. The early afternoon is complete with brunch, mimosas, and a warm, gooey butter cake topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Books + Happy Tummy = My Perfect Sunday Morning.

But back to the books, this month’s latest book haul~ I struck gold! 10 beautiful *hardcover* books in great condition, each under $3. I look for not only quality of content in books, but physical quality condition as well, preferring hardcopies of books when affordable- and at these book sales, hardcovers are definitely affordable! Check out these great finds below and see if any titles catch your eye.

San Clemente Library Book Sale Haul

Two adorable books about being unique. Todd Park takes children on a colorful adventure of all the possibilities of being *different*, while Chodos-Irvine introduces us to Ella, a spunky girl determined to show off her style and express who she is. *Notice the price tags: $2.00 + $1.00 for these hardcovers in great condition!*

Road Dahl is one of my favorite authors with his quirky characters and imaginative adventures. I’ve actually never heard of this title before, *Esio Trot* but was able to delight in this quick-read, slightly bizarre love story of a man in love with a woman with a tortoise. His plan to win her heart? Buy 1,000 tortoises. Does it work? *Read the book and find out* Also, ever wonder what a worm does? Best way to find out: read their diary~

Two beautifully illustrated books to read to your little loved ones. “I Love it When You Smile” by McBratney explores how to get your grumpy grouch to break a smile. What’s one fail-safe way to get a young child to laugh? *Hint: some mud and a big splash are involved* Also, for fans of Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown delights again with this sweet, “Goodnight Little One,” book, taking you and your child on a nighttime journey through fields of baby animals.

Couldn’t resist this full collection of the classic comic. Perfect edition for the classroom for comic book readers looking for laughs and a couple new adventure pals.

My last 2 favorite finds. The Ology Book series offer pages of intricate displays of information on captivating topics such as wizardology, dragonology, mythology, and these 2 titles here. Fold-outs, flaps, hidden parchments, secret compartments- with all these interactive resources, these books offer a delve into topics sure to spark the curiosity and interest of any child and young reader.

Overall, I’d say it was quite a successful Book Haul! Please comment and share which titles call out to you, or if you’ve read any of these books~ I’d love to hear your thoughts! Which do you like best??

*~Plus, check out an interactive read aloud of my current Halloween favorite book here.~*

*~Until Next Time, Happy Reading~*

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