Local Library Finds: Dreaming of Orange Fairies in Tornados of Words

Upon entering a bookstore, other than feeling absolutely euphoric to be surrounded by thousands of different worlds, snugged tightly in their jacket covers, I can’t help but to feel that bubbling of anxiety as the small voice squeaks from the back of my mind, *You can only buy one book- make the right choice! Don’t buy the wrong one– what a waste of money!* I find myself hecticly scrolling through my phone, searching through multiple open tabs: Goodreads, Amazon, NY Times Bestseller List, Random Blogs etc., scanning through reviews and counting the stars. Anyone relate??

If only there were a way I could take a bunch of books for *free*, read them, see if I like them, and then decide if I should buy them for my own *home*-library. Well, *drumrollllll* lucky for me, there is!!!

*~Welcome to the Library~*

The Library: With no limit to how many books you can check out, it is the perfect place to sample something new, check out whatever catches your eye, and expose your child to a vast new world of books, all for free!

Then, if you find that you’ve checked out a jackpot winner, and your child falls in love with a special book, you have a few options: 1) You could renew it multiple times *with limitations unfortunately,* 2) or return it and see if you can rent it right away again, 3) or you could make the trip to the bookstore and feel assured that you will be spending your money on a worthwhile copy of your child’s new favorite book~ a book that will follow along with them as they grow up, forever a part of their childhood and sparking memories of bedtime stories and snuggles upon a glance at its cover or a ruffle through its pages.

The library is teeming with up-to-date selections, as well as classics and old favorites. This past weekend I went to the library to check out some books on hold, and couldn’t resist renting a handful of extra books that caught my eye. Check out the Book List below to see some *fabulous* local library finds to look out for at your own library!

*Tip: If you have a library card, you can login to your account on their website to search for books by title and put them on hold. You will be notified through your account when the books are ready to pick up, and must simply drive to the library and find them waiting for you on the front desk! Super time-saver if you know what you want~ *But if you have the time, browse around; you never know what treasure you’ll find*

MaiStoryBook’s Local Library Finds

  1. A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston
  2. Gone with the Wand by Margie Palatini, Illustrated by Brian Ajhar
  3. Now! by Tracey Corderoy, Illustrated by Tim Warnes
  4. Otis and the Tornado by Loren Long
  5. Nothing Rhymes with Orange by Adam Rex

*~Take a sneak-peak inside these library gems~*

  • A Child of Books
    • This was my favorite find~ the beautiful figure drawings of Oliver Jeffers combined with the fine word print work of Sam Winston unite to create a luminous realm of books and words, a dreamworld of stories traversed by two young children on an adventure to unlock their imaginations. This stunning story brings to life the rewards of reading and the ability of books to unlock a lifetime of magic and adventure.
  • Gone with the Wand
    • Author Margie Palatini never fails to leave me giggling with glee over plays on words, allusions to childhood tales and nursery rhymes, and lively plots. For children living in a fantasy world, this book will tickle their fairy senses and give them a glimpse into the lives of the fairies. With its allusions to the classic princess fairytales, children will delight in the familiar references and be taken on journey through pixie dust~*

  • Now!
    • Adults, ever had that child who wanted something, NOW? The perfect book to talk to children about patience, this story follows Otto the rhino as he learns that right Now, isn’t always the best time, and that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

  • Otis and the Tornado
    • This book is part of a beloved series about Otis the tractor, who is loyal and kind, and leads his group of friends to play rambunctious childhood games. In each book, the group plays a new game. Later in the story, the game is then used to help out a new friend in need, who by the end of the book, joins their friend group. Thus, with each sequential book, Otis and his group of friends gains one new friend, growing their group in size. A beautiful book about friendship and acceptance, Otis is a model for how to treat others, even those who aren’t, at first, always nice in return.

  • Nothing Rhymes with Orange
    • If you’re ever looking for a laugh-out-loud book, this newly released quirky tale will have you chuckling with cheer. As a child, I can remember lounging lazily with my friends, challenging each other to find a word to rhyme with orange. If you’ve ever wondered how to crack the challenge, read this book to find out! There just may be something that rhymes with orange.

*~I hope you enjoyed these special gems I found! Please comment below and share your own Local Library Finds! I’m always looking for new treasures to read!~*

*~Shoutout to my local Library: Oceanside Civic Center Public Library~*

*Plus, checkout out a read aloud of one of my current favorites here. *

*~Until Next Time, Happy Reading~*

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