Building Your Own *Cost-effective* Library

An important factor in children’s reading development is their exposure to books, especially in their home environment. Not only is it important that they read books, or hear books being read to them, but it is also crucial that they see books as well–and not just see them while they are being read to, but to see them around the home,  on shelves and bedside tables, on the counter or in stacks by the door– so that books become familiar objects that they internalize as parts of their daily lives. Having a book nearby to reach for becomes a habit.

Goal: Create your very own home-library for your children.

Now, Books Are Expensive. Trust me, I know. I too have been sticker-shocked by those Barnes and Nobles prices. So buying books to have around the house- not even to mention enough of them to build a decent library or bookshelf- is not an easy thing to do, or something that all families can afford to do.

BUT- when you know where to go- books don’t have to be expensive. There are many resources and locations in your own community where you can find quality, cheap children’s books.

The biggest children’s book pot’o gold: Your local library bookstore.

Ask your librarian if your local library has a bookstore. There, they sell used, quality books for low prices – most children’s books should average about $3 or less. I have had several book hauls from my local library, spending from a range of $15-35 for stacks of books.

In addition, most libraries have recurring book sales, most often monthly, during which they will bring out boxes of books from their storage that haven’t been showcased in the store yet, and hold a large book sale teaming with great finds. Usually on weekends, I make sure to arrive early when they start, around 9-10 am, to get first pick of their children’s books. A librarian gave me the tip to come early, as usually the children’s books are the first be sorted through and to go.

Another cost-effective way to build your library: garage sales. I’ve seen quality books sell for $1.00, even 50 cents! Plus, all books are meant to be read more than once, so help give these books a new home! Also, going through garage sales guarantees a wide range of books, as people have diverse and varying tastes. Bring your child along with you and have them help you sift through the piles to find their new, perfect storybook.

In this Local Finds and Book Hauls Collection, I’ll be sharing some of the awesome book hauls from my local libraries and neighborhood garage sales to show you what treasures you can find that are *quality* and *cheap* ~ the perfect combo!

~Book by book, let’s build your new reader a library of their very own~

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  1. I love everything on your website! You’re offering so many wonderful resources for moms like me. Thank you for the work that you’re doing.

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